Do I need a consultation?

It’s always recommended to see a stylist before your first colour with us, this way we can determine more exact costings and give you a plan of action to achieving your hair goals!


Why do you need to skin test?

An allergic reaction can be nasty, and more common than you may think! We would NEVER put our guests at risk of injury. Skin tests need to be performed 48 hrs before your first colour service with us.


Can I get my hair Grey from Black?

We’re ace with colour, but not magicians, however, we’d recommend booking a colour consultation with one of our stylists. Large processes such as this require commitment, time, money, correct aftercare, regular visits to the salon and with all those things working in harmony the perfect silver/grey can be achieved!


Why do I need to upgrade to A Classic Clarissa if my bleach retouch has gone over 6 weeks?

When your fresh new hair has grown around half an inch or more, it becomes stronger and more resistant to colour, meaning we would need to not only apply extra product to the more resistant areas but potentially double bleach or double tone if we feel your hair is strong enough. There may also be a small chance that if your roots have grown over 8 weeks you may still experience warmer banding particularly if your hair is naturally dark which we will combat with toners. This will all be explained in a colour consultation.


Why is a Bleach retouch application sometimes uncomfortable?

Unfortunately in minor cases some of our guests experience irritation during a full head bleach application, this is completely normal throughout the hairdressing industry and we will inform you of any possible outcomes during a consultation, if we deem there to be any risk we may not carry out the service or if the service has begun and you experience some irritation, we may advise that we remove the colour immediately and try a different avenue.


Would there be a scenario where I may not be able to have my hair coloured?

We will sometimes recommend not performing certain services due to the condition of your hair, honesty is our only policy, and the health of your hair is our priority, we will however give you options and a battle plan to make it happen, please be patient and most of all, enjoy the journey along the way!


What is a Graduate Technician or Graduate Stylist?

If we have a Graduate Technician/Stylist, please keep in mind that this a newly qualified stylist and bookings can be made at our discretion, we may deem the service required to be too technical for this level of stylist. Prices for this level are usually at a heavily reduced rate whilst they perfect their craft!


What should I do if I need some advice or I’m unsure about something following my hair appointment?

We endeavour to include everything we can think of during your hair appointment with us so you’re armed with all the tools and knowledge to get the best out of your hair when you’re not with us, however if there’s anything else at all, however small or picky you believe it to be, drop us an email! We’d love to hear about it!


Could my desired colour take more than one appointment?

Yes, if we feel your hair is too dark, too light, or too fragile we may advise that your chosen colour is 2-5 appointments away, this will all be broken down in depth at the time of a colour consultation which is always recommended for highly technical colour services


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